These have always been my very favorite cookies. That is, if we can count meringues as cookies .. they’re in a class of their own!

1 lb confectioners’ (powdered) sugar, 3 egg whites, 1 lb walnuts*, 2 tablespoons flour, vanilla

Turn the oven to 300F.

Pull out a couple of cookie sheets and cover with waxed paper. Grease up with a bit of melty butter or use a no-stick spray on the waxed paper to make doubly sure that the meringues don’t stick. Don’t skip this step or you will cry later.

Pull out the food processor or tilt-head mixer if you have one. Put that baby to use! Beat the egg whites until they are fairly stiff and then gradually add the sugar. Stiff, white peaks will form. Add a few drops of vanilla, and turn in the walnuts.

Using two spoons, drop small mounds of the mixture onto the waxed paper. Throw into the oven for about 15 mins and DO NOT LET BROWN.

*My family’s recipe actually passed down to me from my great-great grandmother says to get 3 lbs of walnuts which will then result in 1 lb of walnuts shelled. Very glad I don’t need to sit around shelling almonds!

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