This Bloody Mary cocktail will set you right after a late night out. Perfect accompaniment for a ¬†hang-out brunch with friends and family the next day. Hangar One’s Chipotle Vodka is perfect for this Bloody Mary. Bang bang in your mouth. Now that’s a cocktail!

First off, find some olives and/or shucked oysters (fish section of good grocers will have jars of oysters). Wrap with bacon and hold together with a toothpick. Bake at 400F til the bacon is cooked. Don’t broil as you’ll set the toothpicks on fire unless you’ve soaked them in water for 30 mins or so. Too fussy to do that.

I expect you know how to make a basic Bloody Mary. Mix the following together using amounts that suit your palate, and you’ll have a winner cocktail in your hand.

Instead of Tabasco, add a teaspoon of hot Chinese chili sauce. 

Grated garlic clove.

Squeeze of half a lemon.

Squeeze of anchovy paste.

Soy sauce. Worcestershire sauce.


Lemon salt.

I like to add some beef bouillon if I have any open or if I’m making for a crowd.

Tomato juice + Chipotle Vodka.

Wasabi peas are quite tasty with this. Oh yes. Voila The Bloody Mary!

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